Myung Kim Martial Arts

Instructors at Myung Kim Martial Arts

    Myung Kim Martial Arts produces some of the finest black belts and instructors available. The training of the instructors involves lots of time and patience, and is rewarded with true inner-peace and the satisfaction of helping others by spreading what they have learned about the arts. The black belts teach under the close supervision of Master Kim and with his guidance, they are able to progress as they help others in their own battles of learning martial arts.

    The black belts have all been tested of their abilities by Master Kim and are trusted by the lower belts to be helpful and courteous to their own desires. Myung Kim Martial Arts follows a method of training that everyone goes through the same way, so by the time one becomes black belt, they know exactly what the beginners are going through. This way they can apply their personally gained knowledge to enhance the experience of others in their own unique way - to benefit all.