Myung Kim Martial Arts



Master Myung Suk Kim

    Master Kim grew up in Seoul, Korea studying martial arts since he was a child. Upon achieving great status in the styles of Hapkido and Taekwondo, Master Kim moved to the United States in his mid-twenties to further his teachings in the arts. He has taught at several martial arts schools throughout Southern California since his first arrival, including Chul Jin Martial Arts (started by his brother, Grand Master Chul Jin Kim) in which he kept the name on what became his own studio in the early 1990s. During that time, Master Kim's studio was recognized as being the "Best Martial Arts Studio in Los Angeles" by the California Readers Choice Awards in 2000. Toward the turn of the century, Master Kim expanded his dojang by moving into a larger studio, and changing the name into his own Myung Kim Martial Arts, which is currently located in Sherman Oaks, California.

    Recently, Master Kim achieved the honorific status of 7th Dan in Hapkido as he hosted his very own U.S. Open Martial Arts Championships on May 21, 2000. His studio continues to grow immensely as more people begin to realize the importance of a good Master, and take on his unique training abilities.

    Master Kim is highly respected and treats everyone back with the same friendly respect. His students are loyal and all share the mutual feeling that he is the best at what he does, and try their hardest to absorb his high-quality teachings in the way of the martial arts.