Myung Kim Martial Arts

Myong Jae Nam

Founder of Hapkido (1938 - 1999)


    Dec. 31, 1938 Kuksanim Myong, Jae Nam born.

    1948: Commenced Hapkido Martial Arts in Seoul.

    Nov. 1959(21 Yrs.Old): Established Barracks Gymnasium (Dojang) and instructed Hapkido to all the students.

    From 1961: Instructed and made tours to every martial arts; gymnasium in Seoul.

    Feb. 1962-1964: Established Hapkido HQ Gymnasium (founded on Martial Arts) at 100, Songhyun-Dong, Inchon City and coached students and spread the martial. Arts of Hapkido.

    From 1965; Interchanged Martial Arts between Korean and Japan.

    Nov. 11, 1969: Founded Korean Hapkido Association registered by the Ministry of Education (Registration No. 32), and was inaugurated as Grand Master at 9, Yoo-Dong, Joong-Ku, Inchon City, Korea.

    Jan. 1972: Changed the name of Korean Hapkido Association And reappointed as Grand Master at Dong-A Bldg., Bukchang-Dong, Joong-Ku, Seoul, Korea.

    Oct. 1973: Registered by the Ministry of Education (Registration No.51) and appointed an Executive Director of Korean Hapkido Association (Integrated).

    Oct. 1973-1980: Appointed as chairman for Organization, Examination, Instruction, Training, and Discipline of the Korean Hapkido Association.

    Aug. 1974(36 Yrs.): Founded Korean Hapkido Association and International Hapkido Federation, and appointed as Grand Master.

    Aug. 10, 1975: Wrote Hapkido Textbook.

    Jan. 1977: Appointed as Chairman of Korean Hapkido Association.

    Jan. 1980: Appointed as Chairman of Steering Committee and Vice President of Korean Hapkido Association (Integrated).

    Mar. 1981(44 Yrs.): Appointed as Chairman and Grand Master of International Hapkido Federation, Social Group No.1 (Presently Dept. of Athletics Ordinance No.13).

    Nov. 11, 1984: Originated and announced Hapkido Martial Arts at New Seoul Hotel for 25th Anniversary Hapkido Internationalization.

    Sept. 1985: Wrote Hapkido Textbook (the 1st Grade Course).

    Oct. 1985: Wrote Hapkido Textbook (the 1st Grade-4th Grade).

    Dec. 1985: Wrote Hapkido Textbook for the High Level Goals Dan Holder.

    Feb. 1986: Wrote Hapkido Textbook for special martial arts.

    Apr. 1986: Wrote the Hapkido Textbook for Pressure-Point Manipulation.

    Jul. 1986: Wrote the Hapkido Textbook for Self-Defense Arts of Heaven & Earth and made 60 Minute Video Tape for Images Training.

    Jul. 1986: Instructed and coached the students of Police School and Army HQ. by the Invitation of Chairman of Austrian Olympic Committee.

    Aug. 1986: Instructed and coached all the participants in training of Hapkido through Provinces of Holland.

    Oct. 1986: Wrote the Upgraded Hapkido Textbook of Self-Defense Arts for Korea and England.

    Dec. 20, 1986: Declared the Spinning Defense Arts (Do Ju: Founder) of Hapkido.

    Feb. 1987: Wrote the Hapkido Textbook of Weapon Defense Arts for Korea and England.

    Sept 1987: Wrote the Upgraded Hapkido Textbook of Spinning Defense Arts for Korea and England.

    Oct. 14, 1987: Completed the course of Sam Jang Graduate School in Seoul.

    Feb. 1988: Made 70 Minute Video Tape of Images Training of the Upgraded Spinning Defense Arts of Hapkido for Korean and England.

    Jul. 1988: Instructed and coached as touring Hapkido teacher throughout many cities of the United States.

    Dec. 1988: Originated and announced the Visualization Techniques of Hapkido at the Indoor Gymnasium of Police College.

    Jan. 1989: Made 60 Minute Video Tape for images Training of the Upgraded Visualization Technique of Hapkido.

    May 1989: Originated and announced the Spinning Defense Arts of Gymnastics with a tour in Holland.

    Jul. 1989: Announced Gymnastics of Hapkido (2nd times) at Main Banquet Hall in Onyang Grand Park Hotel.

    Aug. 1989: Made 60 Minute Video Tape for Gymnastics of Hapkido (Heavenly Spiritual Martial Arts 12, Earthly Spiritual Martial Arts 12).

    Oct. 10, 1989: Established Hapkido Movement HQ, for the harmonization of our one nation.

    Oct. 30, 1989: Developed the movement of looking for the World Hapkido Participants (Published information in many newspapers).

    Dec. 14, 1989 Myong, Jae Nam/Kuksanim

    Aug. 3, 1999; Kuksanim Myong, Jae Nam passed away