Myung Kim Martial Arts



Students of Myung Kim Martial Arts

    As a student of Myung Kim Martial Arts, one learns more than just how to do the different styles of martial arts that we teach. A student learns about themselves personally, and grows to mature in a "deeper" sense, regardless of what age they begin training at.

    Interaction with other people sharing the common interest of martial arts is a good way to expand one's self-awareness socially, and developing into the best person they can be individually. As a practice of common courtesy towards others, every class and promotion is concluded with the shaking of hands between each student.

    During one's training at Myung Kim Martial Arts, teaching is a part of learning. With this concept of helping others, a student is able to progress themselves by improving their own techniques, and growing mentally along with physically at the same time as they help their fellow students. This develops the students' confidence in themselves along with building life-long friendships with the other patrons of the studio. We are a "martial arts family," so-to-speak, and every student follows the same principals of etiquette toward each other in the studio, and continues the way of peacefulness outside of the studio as well.